A fresh and young looking skin makes people more confident about themselves by enabling them to feel and look better since it is a reflection of their overall beauty and health. However, in order to enjoy its benefits, it is advisable for them to protect it against any harmful elements such as the sun, which can damage it when they expose it to it excessively, and pollution since this enables them to maintain its healthy glow.

Revitalization is essential and hence it is important for them to take proper care of their skin by using various methods such as Microdermabrasion treatment in order to achieve it. Microdermabrasion treatment, which is one of the most highly recommended treatments owing to its painless nature, is one of the best methods of taking care of the skin since it enables people and especially women to have lovely and unspoiled skin by abrading its outer dead cells lightly.

Some people look old and sick because their skin does not glow since it is prone to many problems. Fortunately, Microdermabrasion treatment ,which enables them to get rid of aging signs, reduce acne, eliminate dark spots and other skin problems, provides them with an easy solution for all the aforementioned problems. This treatment, which is highly recommended by skin experts and dermatologists, rejuvenates the skin by removing all the dead skin cells and any accompanying dirt as well as excess oil.

The microdermabrasion treatment system is easy to use because it works by blasting the skin by using zinc oxide crystals and aluminum oxide or any other organic substances that are similar to them and hence people who want to use it to solve their skin problems can invest in it by buying home kits, which are affordable for them. This treatment, which clears old scars that acne leaves behind, rejuvenates and exfoliates the skin by using a stainless steel wand or glass that has tips that do not have bristles.

Aging Eyes

Can C Eye Drops For Aging Eyes

Can-C eye drops have received a lot of press of recent and deservedly so. Can-C eye drops contain the breakthrough ingredient N-acetylcarnosine, an anti-oxidant with anti-aging capabilities that can reverse the effects of cataracts. Can-C drops have been proven to work through clinical trials conducted by Dr. Mark Babizhayev and IVP. However, according to IVP (Innovative Vision Products), Can-C drops can only be effective when used in the original, unadulterated carnosine formula.

Using Can-C drops is easy as it is non-invasive and it’s a completely natural formula that is not associated with any side effects. You simply apply 2 drops twice a day at maximum but once a day is fine too.

Specific Benefits of Can-C drops:

From the clinical studies conducted by Dr. Mark Babizhayev, notable improvements were noted after regular application of Can-C eye drops including

  • The slowdown of senile cataract development
  • Easing of the intraocular pressure that is usually caused by glaucoma
  • Rectifying disorders resulting from wearing contact lens
  • Notable improvement of presbyopia condition for those who suffer from it
  • Significant improvement of corneal disorders for people who have the condition
  • Reduction in eye strain for those with reading difficulties
  • Notable improvement in people with symptoms of computer vision syndrome
  • Reduction in discomfort for those with ocular inflammation
  • Elimination of dry eye symptoms
  • Significant improvement in reducing symptoms of retinal diseases
  • Elimination of vitreous lesions and opacities and finally, Can-C drops have shown many properties that lead to the improvement of aging eyes.

Improvement in any or all of the aforementioned conditions was noted only within a month, but for maximum efficacy and complete elimination of symptoms, application of Can-C eye drops should be continued for not less than 3 months. Once you discover symptoms, you should begin treatment as soon as possible.

A great oil

Those who are suffering from dry, brittle hair or hair loss can be treated with castor oil! Castor oil is a wonderful treatment because it is highly effective and highly affordable. Castor oil is very thick, much like cold honey, so depending on your choice of use you may want to mix it with a bit of grape seed or almond oil to make it easier to apply. The castor oil contains no scent and does not cause your hair to become greasy, making it suitable to be applied on the hair.
If you suffer from scalp issues such as psoriasis or dandruff, applications of castor oil may help. To apply directly to the scalp, you can warm the castor oil to thin it and then gently apply it on your hair. The easiest way is to use a squeeze bottle with a thin tip on it that can be purchased at any beauty supply store. Do not squeeze out large amounts of castor oil; slowly pull across your hairline, part, and pay special attention around troubled areas. Basically draw a grid on your scalp with a very thin, light application of the castor oil.  Next, wrap a towel on your head and then slowly warm the towel and your scalp with a blow dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash off the castor oil with lukewarm water after that. If you have long hair, you may have to take longer to completely rinse out all of the castor oil.

If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, apply the castor oil on your hair and scalp treatment 2 times weekly for a minimum of 6 weeks for results. You will notice thicker, stronger hair as clogged hair follicles become unplugged, thus allowing the hair to grow back. Both men and women can use the castor oil with equal efficacy.

Directly applying castor oil onto the scalp and hair is great and effective because it directly nourishes the hair.

Castor oil can be thick and weigh hair down if overused, so use with moderation. A few drops of the castor oil mixed with some water are usually sufficient for one application. Besides using it to prevent hair loss, you can also use the oil as a natural moisturizer as it hydrates the hair and gives it an attractive shine. Note that castor oil is safe to use on colored hair as well and will not bleach the color out.

It has received thousands of positive reviews ever since it was produced and sold on a commercial scale. It is cheaper and works faster than other hair products. Outshine your friends today; get some castor oil to improve the looks of your lovely hair.

Battle Reenactments

The 25th Continental Regiment..

About Our Regiment

Our emphasis is on the lifestyle and the every day arts of the period. Our regiment consists of families, men, women and children of all ages all dedicating themselves to keeping our heritage alive.

We are quite proud of the fact that entire families are associated with the regiment and.. in fact, the regiment itself is more of a family unit than a military one.

If you enjoy camping, traveling to different places, have a love of history and would like to join us for the Ethan Allen Colonial Fair in Bennington, please contact us.


Exibitors, Music, Games & Entertainment at the Colonial Fair..

There will be many activities for children at the Ethan Allen Colonial Fair. We will offer several different toys and games that were popular with colonial children such as: rolling hoops, jacks, marbles, whirli-gigs, Jacob’s ladder, Jackstraws, checkers, tops, and more. Children will have the opportunity to wear clothing fashioned from the 1700′s and have their photos taken. Crafts that were made long ago will be offered such as tinsmithing, paper quilling, yarn dolls and more. Some storytelling and music will be offered throughout the day. There will be riddles and tongue twisters for you to try and even some “butter-churning.” The school bell will ring at various times and a “Colonial School” will take place with a costumed school teacher. Beware of the dunce cap!


  • Battenkill River Pottery
  • Bennington Historical Society
  • Bennington Potters
  • Daughters if the American Revolution
  • Harvest Moon Kettle Corn
  • Noel Schweissinger
  • Park McCullough House
  • Revolution Wear
  • Second Congregational Church
  • The Bennington Museum
  • The Ethan Allen Homestead
  • The Soap Man
  • Vermont Historical Society
  • Whispering Dream Pewter